Monday, June 21, 2010

Farmart & Qian Hu Play Date!

I gathered 2 of my neighbours and their kids and we went to Farmart today.  We were very disappointed as most (I would say all) were closed.

But, we managed to feed the goats, rabbits, terrapins, bull frogs, guinea pigs and fishes.  So I guess not too bad.  The kids however, were thrilled.  I guess we have to go during the weekends next time?  Nah, I wouldn't like venturing to such places during the weekends, I can smell the crowd from here already now! Lol!

There was a Fish Spa (Doctor Fish) opened and we mummies decided to try it.  None of us dared to put our feet in.  Immediately, I pictured 'piranhas'!!  It was soooo scary cos there were only 3 of us and there were so MANY fishes and they seemed 'hungry'.

Finally the nice shop lady told us the clock was starting.  So, we counted to 3, held our breaths and plunged in! The kids had more fun laughing at us. It was scary, exhilarating and hilarious!  3 grown women screaming and laughing.  After a while, we settled in and it became bearable and then it was nice.  Even Kimi tried it!
Since it was still early, we decided to hop by Qian Hu to see if there was anything interesting.  Nothing much. :(  Qian Hu also had the Doctor Fish Spa and we could choose from the 3 sizes availabe - the normal very small ones, large and extra large.  No way I was going to put my feet in to the X-large fishes pond.  Some of the fishes have mouths so big I'm sure it can contain my big toe in 1 gulp (no pun intended).
We had  a late lunch at 新旺茶餐厅.  The kids were ravenous and the mummies flat out.

When we reached home, Kimi told me that he had good fun today.  I'm glad I made him happy today. :)
Kimi, Kylie and Wayne posing with the cows at Farmart
The kids feeding the kids (goat babies of couse! haha!)
Of cos not forgetting bunnies too!
Doctor Fishes!  Kimi having therapy with mummy!
The X-large Doctor Fishes at Qian Hu.  Do you dare stick your feet in here?



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