Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All For the Fun of Water!

We decided to let Kimi skip school today cos hb had been travelling non-stop the past weeks and we had so little time together as a family, esp so for hb. I think he felt the need to spend more playtime with Kimi as after 1.5 days rest at home, he will be on another 12 days trip, yet again.

After hearing so much good things about Jurong East Swimming Complex, we decided to try it out although there is a similar one at the estate we lived.  Best of all, the charges are same as any other public pools despite the slides, rides and wave pool. :)

As we arrived in Jurong town, it started to rain rather heavily.  I urged Kimi to pray to God for the rain to halt so we can proceed to the other part of Jurong where the pool was.  As always, God was faithful and as we pulled into Jurong East, the sun was shining and the dark clouds did not chase us! 

In fact, it was cloudy with enough sun for a warm time yet not scorchingly hot.  God loves His little children and their simple faith!!  The rain continued the moment we pulled out of the driveway of the complex.  Amazing? Yes!  That is my God, He answers ALL Prayers, no matter how small or big as long as we call out to Him. Hallelujah!  All Glory to Jesus!

Here's some pix of a beautiful family time spent together!
A father and son shot
The slides!!!
Kimi can't wait to jump in the pool
Going with papa on the lazy river on a float
Moving towards the water jets!
How refreshing!
Then, the wave pool can on (once every hour) and both father and son went on it with the float
Then they decided to go without it during the next wave ....
Enjoying the waves
Kimi venturing on his own - he's never afraid of waves even at a young age ... he loves water!



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