Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bento #47 - Transport Lunch

Broccoli, edamame sticks (see 1 stick missing? As I went to grab my cam, Kimi gobbled it down! lol!), Happy faces, fish fingers, sausage, corn and ketchup in car container.

Since I needed to pick hb almost about lunch hour, I decided to pack a 'finger-food' lunch so Kimi can eat in the car.  Also I brought Kimi to trim his hair in the morning and was running late.

This bento only took 15-20 mins cooking and packing hence I did not do any cutesy or facial stuff.  Just cook, pack and put cute picks. :)


Faeriekim said...

I love these bentos dear! Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Cute bento! Love the happy faces too. :)

Angeleyes said...

This is such a cute bento and I love those picks!!!! A friend has bought for me from Daiso SG so I am very excited waiting for the mail to come!

Was Kimi happy to see goodies in the bento?

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Tona! Your bentos are fantastic! Now I am so inspired to resume bento-ing! :>

tona-mama said...

Domesticgoddess - Hey, tks Shirley! I din know you read my blog too! :)

Hey, I stumbled on your blog thru your bentos and you made really good ones! I can never forget my favourite, Afro Ken bento!!

Hope you will start bento-ing again! ;)


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