Monday, July 21, 2008

Days of Being A Drummer ...

Need I say more? Pix say a thousand words! Everyday, Kimi has to strike the drums not once but a few times. Maybe it's his way of releasing stress? Haha!

First, select your favourite drumsticks (not the chicken kind hor?)

Then hit on them and act cool and professional

Papa says must be an all-rounded musician so I also need to use my hands

Can also do a little play-acting ... hmm... don a helmet, maybe I can play better?

Adjust it well ...

And strum it with style ... oops.. this red thingey must have gone to my head cos I thought I can play it like a piano... hmm.. not really working this way...

Wah, it's really tough being a drummer!

But still, mummy says that even after a hard day's drumming, I must keep my drumsticks properly. See how fast I can put it in!


Anonymous said...

luv kimi's hair & he look so chubby!

tona-mama said...

tks! Don't know where he gots those curls from... he looks chubby in pix la.. jus the reason why I DON'T like to take pix nowadays!! Makes you heavier by at least 10kg n I don need that! Hahaha!


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