Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First Day At School!

It's Kimi's first day at school today, not school, school. It's a playgroup for 2hours everyday. I tell you, it was chaos! Kimi and Estelle are attending the same playgroup and they are really the youngest there. Most were close to 3 already.

Kimi did not take much interest in the activities today. He participated a short while in most of the activities and were the rest of the time exploring the door knobs, stoppers and what have you around the room!

Overall, am glad to start him early. I really hope and want him to learn to play and participate in a group cos he is just too overly independent and prefers to play on his own now. And, yes, my boy did not cry. Told you, separation anxiety is reserved for me only and not him! haha!

Before leaving home - grab a quick snap but still no frontal shot. :(

Kimi's in his new unifrom and bag that came in a set. The shorts are awfully big that he looks like he is wearing a skirt! The bag is oh-so-auntie on him!

Papa, I can hold my bag and walk on my own ...

Free play

Music time - Look how small Kimi is among the other children!

Dancing time - twirl, twirl, twirl



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