Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kimi's First Drum Set

Kimi has always been so keen on music and he simply loves playing the drums. We really wanted to get him his personal set but we were sure that those toy sets were really too 'amateurish' (pardon me for my pompousness) for him. Well, it's simply cos he has such strong strokes that it may just rip those toy drums that use a plastic film for the drum.

Hb bought this child starter kit from First Act(,634,102.aspx) which even comes with a drum seat for Kimi and he really enjoys it.

But, he still wants to play on papa's set. That's what we thought might happen too... we must make him get used to it else papa will have to play on Kimi's set. Haha!

Father & Son unwrapping the box

Kimi trying out his personal drumsticks

Standing and strumming also can! Keke!

Kimi can't wait for the drums to be assembled and must start playing the Tom and Snare drums

The complete set ... oops the Tom is upside down... It's ok, papa will adjust later

Kimi trying out his drums - look how fast he is that my cam can't capture it nicely

Papa teaching Kimi to 'peddle' the base drums. He picked it up immediately! Except he likes to use his left leg rather than right...

Father & son having a noisy time together



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