Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keyboard Fun

This is another toy which I got that was so cheap, only S$25 for this keyboard that didn't look like a toy. And that was what I liked as its key were real-like and if Kimi liked this, it would be an easy transition to the piano.

I'm still hoping that he will learn to play the piano so I can just lie back and enjoy the music. I love being serenaded!

But, deep in me, I know ultimately, it's really up to Kimi and what he wants and not what I want. But, it's still nice to hope and day-dream sometimes and I do not deny I am such a dreamer! Hee Hee!

Getting into the action immediately

Kimi is so happy that he is clapping for himself - My silly & cute child!

Looks professional?

Can fake it ya? Wuhaha!



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