Friday, March 12, 2010

An Apple A Day ... Fruits for Life

Kimi loves his apples especially those crunchy, sweet ones.  I usually buy Chestnut apples as they are smallish and very sweet and crunchy!  Kimi can easily eat 1 on his own. :)

Hb was chomping on his when Kimi snatched his away and said that he will eat his apple as it is (whole) from now on as "I am a big boy already, no need to cut".

The good thing about Kimi is that he loves his fruits and we endeavour to give 5 servings of different kinds of fruits each day.  This does not include the daily greens he will get at lunch and dinner. 

Hence, I like adding fruit(s) to his breakfast so that we can spread out the servings throughout the day.  And I think it is nice to have a little fruit in the mornings, so refreshing! :)

Kimi will (of cos there are days when there are exceptions) take most fruits except dragonfruit, pomelo, avocado (unless hidden in cooking/food) and fruits that are a tad sour.

Some must-haves for Kimi are apple, papaya and banana.  Then we just add in what's in season.  It is really not difficult to serve 5 servings of fruits each day.  At any one time, we have at least 6-8 types of fruits at home.  For example, Kimi may eat the following in a day :-
1) Banana
2) Papaya
3) Water-melon
4) Apple
5) Plums

I guess we loves fruits so Kimi has also picked this up.  So, let's 'jia-you' together and serve our kids 5 servings a day, shall we?



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