Friday, March 19, 2010

Dinner with Estelle

As affectionate as ever!

It's been a long while since we went out with Serene and Estelle, much less have meals together.  Today was a good chance since the 2 little ones had been chosen to do an IQ Test at SM and had to stay back after class.  The test is actually for 4 year olds but SM wanted to try out on the 3 year olds.

I should have known better.  5-10 mins into the test, Kimi left and walked about and so Estelle followed suit and they started playing.  Hmm, such test ought to be conducted one-on-one.  Well, it was only a trial. 

Overall, Teacher Claudia said she was impressed by the 2 tots as they were able to do the tasks despite having no parents around.  Apparently, some of her 4 year olds couldn't attempt to do it a single question and just sat there staring blankly!

Since, it was not conclusive, we might not have any test results. After that we headed to Suntec for dinner at M.O.F. and then went to see what was offering at Kidz Academy.

The kids and mummies had fun catching up and we had hard time catching UP with them!! Imagine the 2 of them just running amok! Lol!  Thank God papa was with me! :)



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