Friday, March 05, 2010

Beetroot, Carrot, Corn & Pork Ribs Soup

I made this soup some time back but I've been lag in many posts so finally I can share this wonderful, wonderful soup.  Not only is it bursting with health properties, it is yummy to drink so no problems to get our little tots to drink a bowl!


  • 2 small beetroot (about 200-230g each) cut in large chunks

  • 1 corn, cut in sections

  • 1 large carrot cut in large chunks

  • 350g pork ribs (boiled to remove impurities)

  • 1 large honey date

  • Handful of red dates, seeded

  1. Bring to boil 1.5 to 2 litres of water

  2. Add in dates and pre-boiled pork ribs

  3. Add rest of ingredients

  4. Let it boil on high for 15mins

  5. Reduce to low fire and let it continue to boil for another 2 hr 30 mins.
* As I use a thermal cooker, I usually boil for 1 hour and leave it in pot till ready to drink for dinner.  I also do not add any salt as I like it the way it is. Natural and yummy.



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