Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boys' Playdate

Met with Cat and Tristan today for some gym fun. Pity Estelle and Enbi couldn't make it to join us.

Our first stop was to let them expend their energy and we wanted to try out Atlantis City. It is very small and we almost had the whole place to ourselves, save for 1 little girl. However, the boys got bored rather quickly cos I think the gym was perhaps more suitable for smaller kids as it was not challenging enough.

All the pix I took were blurred!!
Still, they enjoyed goofing around and fighting for the lone 'steerable' car. Haha! The other without the steering wheel was not favoured by any of the boys. :)

After an hour, we headed to Vivo for shopping and 'makan' (eat).

The boys at Soup Spoon.  My poor boy almost always get 'spurned' for being overly affectionate! Haha!! Such cuties!! (Pix courtesy of Cat)

Kimi was so happy when Cat gave him 2 presents and once he was home, he exclaimed, "Mummy, I'm so blessed! See Aunty Cat bought these presents for me?"
Thanks Cat and Tristan for the wonderful presents and a fun day!! :)



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