Saturday, July 03, 2010

New Friend, New Finds!

I've recently met another super nice bento-mummy online and we became fast friends, sharing bento tips and new bento gadgets.

Recently she was in Malaysia and was so kind to help me buy some bento gadgets for me.  How Blessed I am!!  Thank you Karen!! 

By the way, if you are keen to purchase any bento tools/gadgets, pls do visit Karen's FB for new stocks and orders :!/pages/Bento-Gadgets/138176659532750

Look, how beautifully wrapped my 'loot' is!
It was so nice of Karen to share the cupcake her friend, Pick Ling made for her kids with Kimi.  Look, Kimi chomped on it before I could take a pix - both ladybugs were gone and Kimi said the cupcake was so delicious. :)

My Loot!!



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