Monday, October 01, 2007

How To Be A Domestic Cheapo

I shall start the month of October with some money saving tips!

Ever since I was introduced to Angel Wipes, I've not turned back. But, I still buy my Avent as I simply love the feel and smell of it. Personally, I prefer wipes that come with a plastic opening cover. This helps to keep the wipes fresh and 'wet'. I noticed that those with the resealable sticker tend to lose its moisture half way through.

Anyway, this is my cheapo but effective solution to get the best of both worlds - Angel Wipes with plastic cover. Here goes :-
1) Remove the sticky label from a new pack of wipes, can be any brand lah.
2) Clean off the remnants hot glue from the plastic cover - can be any wipes' plastic cover.

3) Stick double side tape all over the edge
4) Peel off and tidy up the double side tape so it is neat and covers all the edges
5)Open up the cover and paste (pressing firmly) over the opening of the wipes
6) Wahhh-laaa !!! As good as new and easy to use. Can recycle the cover again and again till the double side tape is not sticky. Then repeat step 3 & 4 again!



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