Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Reflections - Emotions & Cuddles

My instalment for October's reflections is late this month. That's because my pc crashed last week and I was offline for a week! Gosh, it's terrible! Well, I'm back again after the guy fixed the pc yesterday.

Just like my pc, you never know how dependent you are on it till you lose it. I believe it's the same with everything - our spouses, family, friends or even the simple dryer! When you have it, you don't think much of it but when it is no longer within reach, you pine and wish you had it again.

October had been a tumultuos month in the emotions department - Kimi was at his worst with his feeding/behaviour, I, emotionally was way down in the pits and a close relative was contemplating divorce. Amidst the domestic emotional roller coaster, we also had to help D deal with his misery and legal issues.

I guess it is never easy to come to terms with betrayal - what happened to the sacred vows pledged during the wedding? The other party felt emotionally empty and a lack of connection and communication, hence the search for someone else to fill the gap.

This brings me to say this, "Never underestimate the power of a cuddle". Why? Cos just the other day, after a hard power struggle and battle with Kimi (during feed), and as I was putting him to sleep, he suddenly grabbed my neck and cuddled me tight! I was startled and felt so touched! No words can describe how GOOD it felt! NOTHING can compare - not the most expensive truffle or diamonds!

Just that cuddle Kimi gave, it took away all my negative emotions and broke down the anger wall I had built earlier. Sometimes, all it takes to make things better are not material stuff but a good, nice cuddle!
I wished D & C would cuddle and make-up cos a cuddle really breaks down the emotional wall and heals. For my ardent blog readers, may I say, please cuddle your loved ones at least once a day - it does makes a world of difference.

To end on a sweet note, I am sharing a shot of my current favourite cake - Carrot Cake from Marmalade. The cake is not only moist and has a tender crumb to it, it is also fragrant and delicious. It is filled with juicy pineapple cubes, walnuts and raisins. Most Carrot Cakes are enhanced by the Cream Cheese Frosting but this tasted good on its own!

Enjoy the cake and don't forget to hug your baby and dear ones today! (Sorry, couldn't resist, stole a few bites before taking the pix. My photography really didn't do justice for the cake! Sigh..).



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