Saturday, October 06, 2007

Baby - Panfried Kiwi Pork With Couscous

Time to introduce some pork to Kimi. And since there's an abundance of Golden Kiwis and Kimi seems to enjoy this fruit, decided to put the 2 together. You can also use other fruits like apples, prunes, etc or whatever you have in your fridge.

Buy lean pork and mince it yourself so you know what meat went into it. Alternatively, get the butcher to mince it for you. But ask him to remove visible fats and sinews and wash the pork before mincing.


- 200g lean pork (minced)
- 1 Golden Kiwi
- 2 spears of asparagus or 1 courgette/zuchinni/squash
- 1 tbsp chopped yellow onion
- 1/2 to 1 cup chicken or veg stock
- 1 tsp cornflour, dash of pepper/sesame oil/ikan bilis powder
- 2 dried apricot slivered (to balance the zesty kiwi)
- 100g couscous

- Marinate minced pork with pepper, sesame oil, a sprinkle of ikan bilis powder and cornflour. Set aside.
- Brown mince in dry non-stick pan and set aside.
-Dice kiwi & asparagus (peel off the hard skin at base of asparagus spear)
-Prepare couscous according to package details * and set aside.
- Saute onions till soft and fragrant.
- Add asparagus and fry till soften a little then add pork, kiwi, apricot and stock and cover the pan. Letting it simmer for 10mins.
- Remove and blend to texture and add couscous to the puree.

* Suitable for freezing
* Makes 16 baby cubes
* Prepare according to pack details as different brand have different methods.
* Couscous is a good replacement for rice as it is soft, fluffy and small. Making it easy for baby to learn to chew and swallow. It is also full of fibre. But remember to add a little more water so that it can be slightly softer. I replace stock with water so it is more tasty.
* Do not add the kiwi too early or it may get too mushy and overcooking will bring out the sourness in the fruit.



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