Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My First LRT/MRT Ride

Kimi Chat:

Yesterday, while we were going for our photoshoot, the battery light in our car lighted up. Papa was very concerned and quickly called and send the car to the workshop.

Apparently, the alternator has worn out. So today, papa & mummy is bringing me on my first LRT/MRT ride to collect the car! I can't wait cos I don't know wat is that and I've never been on one!


Mommy Mash said...


can advise how u do the balloon effect on the pic?


Mommy Mash said...
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tona-mama said...

mommy mash - oh, i used powerpoint which has a add autoshapes and then add callout. Choose the one you like, draw and add text. Then save the presentation as jpg n upload. Have fun! :)

Mommy Mash said...


thanks! didnt realise powerpoint got such great stuffs..hahaha


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