Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Onigiri (Rice Balls) & California Rolls

Decided to try out the triangle rice shapers since I bought them a few days ago. It's very easy to mould and you can add just about anything you like to the Onigiri (riceballs).

I made a batch of sushi rice and divided them into 2 portions, 1 for the onigiri and the other for the california rolls. For the onigiri, I used the rice sprinklers and added to the rice once it was cooked. Then I place some into the shapes, added some filling, top up with more rice, press to shape and Wah-la! Then cut some sea-weed and wrap round for aesthetics.

Same for the california rolls, I used Tuna Mayonaise and Luncheon meat for the main filling with avocado, bacon bits and cucumber for accompaniment. It tasted very good, except that the luncheon meat roll was a tad dry. Should have added more Jap Mayo. Next time!

Note : I used ordinary white rice as I did not have any sushi rice. I added a little more water so it is more moist.

Recipe for Sushi Rice
- 2 cups of uncooked rice grains (washed & strained)
- Add 5 tbsp of white vinegar, 2 tbsp of sugar & pinch of salt to washed rice and then cook rice in rice cooker as per normal
- Once cooked, separate and prepare as per preference

Tip : For better looking rice balls, use the pink coloured sprinkles. I had ran out of this so had to use the brown ones.



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