Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is what Kimi will say when he sees trains and it's also what he calls them.

I bought quite a bit of toys at the Taka Toy Fair and this is one of them. Always wanted to get a train set for Kimi but hb is hesistant as he feels he is still too young to appreciate it and will throw it around.

So, I decided to get a cheap set so even if Kimi were to throw it around, it's still alright. Yes, he was intially very curious and played with the train more than letting it go round the track but after a while, he was able to let it run its course. And I feel this is such a good buy, only S$7!

So maybe, Thomas The Train set will be next on the cards. What say you hon? Keke!

Kimi playing intensely with his new train set

He loves how the train goes 'around' this track

Kimi clapping happily when he could position the train to run round the track

A happy boy (and happy mummy too!) - the train occupied him almost the whole afternoon and he wanted me to sit next to him to watch and play the train with him.


Lazyg3r said...

Wow! That was cheap. I remembered buying it at $10 last year. Malc loved the toy so much. Now the toy has 'graduated' from its mission, *uh-hum* and now Malc is interest Thomas and Friends. LOL!

tona-mama said...

Hey, lazyg3r! Really ah?? Wah! Suddenly I really feel like I 'zup toh poh' (picked up treasure in cantonese)! Haha! Ya oso hint hint hb that soon can graduate oradi.. actually it's me want to graduate more than Kimi..Heehee! How's Malc and his new school? Hope he likes it!


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