Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gymboree Fun

Last minute decision to let the tots work their muscles so to Vivo Gymboree we went together with Estelle. It was almost like a private room for them as there were only 2 of them with another boy who left after a while.

Thursdays are best days as it allows free play from 10am to 7pm. Er, free as in free to choose the time slot and not free for you to play! haha!

Anyway, the kids had loads of fun and we intend to let them to this more often.

Oh ya, those who knows Estelle would know that after her Japan trip, she would jump at any cam that points at her and says cheese, posing and pointing to her cheeks. Well, Kimi imitated her and Serene was so lucky to capture that on her cam. Last pix says it all!
Fearless, just took to the climbing like that ...
Ready to slide!
Kimi has always been fascinated by Gymbo and enjoys balancing on this 'top'
Kimi's all time favourite - rolling in this thing ... remember Cat, our last time to Gymboree? Kimi never forgot...keke! He attacked this almost when he stepped in.
The 2 tots rolling this huge thing - they had fun!
The 2 cuties!
The COVETED pointing to cheeks and saying cheese ala Estelle shot!



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