Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Letter C - Part 2

This was supposed to be done and wrapped up last week by the weekend but I was busy and not feeling too good. Well, its' ok. We finish up with the letter C today with hb helping to undertake a little guiding. Well done, papa!

We started with reading and this was what we read :-
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle
  • If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - Laura Joffe Numeroff
  • Who ate all the Cookie Dough? - Karen Beaumont

Then hb started Kimi on his alphabet and strokes practice and taught him about the life-cycle of a caterpillar (similar to butterfly - a revision for Kimi as I had went through this with him during Week B).

Hb then lead Kimi on to pretend play by asking Kimi to be a butterfly, flapping his wings, which he enjoyed!

We ended with our short lesson with Cookery Class by baking some Chocolate Chip Cookies and Kimi tasting his first SIN - Chocolate Chip Cookie after dinner! He loved it! Oh dear... think he may have a sweet tooth like me too! With stories and all, he really knows what a cookie is.

After dinner we did a caterpillar craft. Not recommended as I did most of it cos it's quite difficult to string through the poms poms with that filmsy wire. But Kimi liked the caterpillar so much and kept chuckling whenever as he sees its eyes rolling.

Happy reading with Papa

Papa explaining the process of the life-cycle of a caterpillar

Kimi tasked to do a matching game with the playset and pix card

Well done, Kimi!

Kimi pretending to be a butterfly - flapping his wings!

Getting better at strokes practice

Cookery class - Baking Chocolate Chips Cookies!

Helpful little helper!

Messing around? No, learning to count the dough as well as stealing a few tastes! Haha!

Books and Kimi's completed strokes practice sheets.

Having his first taste of a cookie and loving it! After dinner craft. Kimi giving his little caterpillar a kiss! Actually, I, too, was wondering why the caterpillar looked like a mouse? Haha!! Think it's the feelers!



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