Sunday, October 19, 2008

Park Hop

Next week we are taking on the letter C and we will be learning about chickens. Kimi is rather confused with hen and rooster so I thought a trip to the Animal Resort would be most appropriate.

Anyway, Kimi woke bright and early today and when I asked if he wanted to go to the park, he immediately said, "Duck, duck!". That meant the Botanic Gardens cos the swans were still ducks to him and he loves feeding them.

After the gardens, we went chicken hunting!

Kimi trying to catch the waterhen The waterhen running away into the bushes!
When it disappeared as fast as it appeared, Kimi asked me "where"? Look at his hand exression ...
Then we saw a another bird - I don't know the name but this ia a really tiny bird. Look at how both legs are different in colour?
Kimi trying out the water area at Children's Garden

Can't believe how much my little baby has grown! Almost like a boy now no more a little baby!
I can't resist this - Look at Kimi's soft and lovely brown wavy hair!
Happy running at the water
I love this pix too cos he is surrounded by the water and he is just so oblivious to it all! Kimi really loves water!
At Animal Resort and Kimi was a little disappointed as the horse is not there anymore. But he was happy to pat the goats!
And feed the bunnies. He said Bit-bit as in rabbit!
Grabbed the opportunity to show him the Chinchillas which also began with the letter C. Not sure if he even listened cos he was trying to stroke the cutie.
Finally the chickens! 2 roosters and 1 hen to show him the difference. Also there were peacocks and Kimi learned about another bird!


Why Not said...

Can Jamie join your class too? hehe.. you are so good!! Structured learning that is interesting and fun too! :-) Btw wanted to ask where Kimi is having his swim classes... I'm thinking of joining aquaducks. Not sure if the one you're joining is good too?

tona-mama said...

Jayne, Heehee! Tks and sure can!! But not sure I know how to handle 2 boys? When my fren's girl came the other day.. it was quite chaos..think I need more practice but definitely Jamie is more than welcome! Kimi used to attend Marsden at Turf City cos it is all weather swimmning but I've stopped cos we couldn't make it. The class starts at 3pm which is more often than not the time that Kimi wakes ever since he started playschool. So maybe next yr if there is a good time slot, I will put him back. Marden is better than aquaducks. Mayb u can try trial for both n c which u prefer?

Carys & Cayden said...

Kimi, the pictures of you playing in water were very well-taken!! Nice photos! :)

tona-mama said...

Baby's breathe - Tks! :)


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