Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letter C - Part 1

After yesterday's intro to chickens, we dive into this week's letter, C. The whole of this week, our home were full of crowings, clucking and cheeping, courtesy of Kimi of course. Haha!

As usual, we start lessons with a little warm up and we did a chicken dance and 'clucked' around the house. Kimi enjoyed this the most, laughing, clucking and even rolling on the floor!

Then, we settled into some quiet time by reading the following books :-

Cluck, Cluck, Who's There? - James Mayhew
Cock-A-Doodle-Doodle - Cecily Matthews
This Little Egg Went to Market - Harriet Ziefert

After which, we did some strokes and alphabet C practise. It is recommended that first writings should rightfully start with horizontal and vertical strokes, proceeding to diagonal strokes, etc. Happy to note that after a few practices, Kimi is able to 'write' meaningful vertical strokes. That means, we can start him on straight-line tracing soon! *happy*

The following are what we did after writing practice :-
Day 1
  • Craft - Pasting feather on a chick diagram
  • Sensorial - feeling and learning about colour and weight of feathers
  • Science - learning about life-cycle of a chicken
  • Refining fine motorskill - lacing a rooster cut-out
  • Matching & ESP game - using cards with C pix

Day 2

We learnt about another animal that begins with C and that is the crocodile and this is what we did :-

  • Crocodile roll and snap play
  • Reading (incl some stories on chicken as a follow through) :
  1. This Little Egg Went to Market - Harriet Ziefert
  2. Cock-A-Doodle-Hoooooo! - Mick Mannin & Brita Granstrom
  3. Hello! Is This Grandma? - Ian Whybrow
  4. Rainy Day! - Patricia Lakin
  • Aphabet & strokes practice
  • Sensorial science - touching & tasting fruits & veg start with C
  • Matching & ESP game - using cards with C pix
  • Refining fine motorskill - pouring egg out of shell into the bowl
  • Eating a dinner with all the fruits & veg that Kimi has learnt
Practise! Practise! Practise!
Kimi, happy with his work
Preparing for chick craft - removing the double sided tapes' top
Pasting the feathers
Our beautiful completed craft
Kimi feeling the softness of the feathers and rubbing it on his nose.. he even tried smelling it.. keke!
Then, he blew the feathers and I jumped in and showed him what is light and what is heavy by comparing it with a book - book is heavy so you can blow it and it doesn't floats and fly in the air. Kimi also 'wowed' when the remant feather bits floated and flew around the room, making it such a pretty sight!
Learning about life-cycles with the life-cycle playset. Kimi could match all the figurines to the pix and can point out the individual steps.
Trying his hand at lacing...hmm, Kimi is still not too keen on this. After the intial lacing, he took the cut-out and swung it round and round! We'll try again next month?
Matching game
Day 2
Touching and learning about all things C
Kimi jumped in and took a bite at the corn! He loves it! I had to stop him or he may finish the whole cob! Do you know that fresh corn is even more sweet than cooked ones? Try it next time!
Kimi smelling and having a small taste (not in this pix) of the clementine. We are so lucky that hb bought some clementines and it was just in time for letter C! Clementine is something like mandarin orange.
Since Kimi has been exposed so much to eggs these 2 days, I thought it was good to let him play with them a little to reinforce the relation of chicken and eggs even if it starts with E. No harm ya?


seahan said...

Hi.. u have alot of interesting ideas to teach kimi...
may i knw if u buy all those books like
This Little Egg Went to Market - Harriet Ziefert

or do u borrow from the library??
the worksheets like cut n paste the feather on the chicks.. looks fun!
can u share how can I go about buying them? preparing it for my soon to be born baby =)


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