Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kimi is 3! A Weekend of Celebration!

We started with a mini celebration at SM class and as usual, Kimi wanted a Pirate theme. And he also told me he wanted a cake with an elephant pretending to be a pirate. Ok, I told him, mama will try her best. :)

We decided to do a whole weekend of celebration and let Kimi have loads and loads and fun - that's what Birthdays are all about ya?

We ate so much cake that really, enough is ENUFFF! I, er, we need to rest our systems a little. I was also tired cos besides all the going out, etc... I still had to bake and bake and bake. But it was all fun!

I decided to make cupcakes with a Pirate theme so it will be less messy and instead of using just icing frosting, I used cream cheese frosting with choc chips in the cuppies. I made the little pirates and Captain Pirate a few days earlier as it took a few days to dry out. Then I printed out some pirate flags, stuck them on a pick and away it went! Ahoy!

Fondant pirates
Kimi's classmates at SM
My little Pirate! How cute!!!
Eating his cuppie
Our little pressies for his friends
After class, we went home for a nap before bringing Kimi to the Night Safari - Kimi's first and he loved it!
Kimi giving me a hi-5 while waiting for dinner
Fish & Chips for the boys
Pepper Bongo Burger - looked great but tasted rather bleah....
At the souvenir shop
Since our plans were to let Kimi do the stuff he enjoyed most, we decided to do away with the eating session with our family and instead bring Kimi to see his most anticipated Dinosaurs Show at Hollywood Dinos and watch a IMAX movie. There were many good reviews for the show, Under the Sea so decided to give it a go!
This was about the only pix I took cos Kimi was screaming and said he was scared although he knows that dinosaurs are extinct and those were fake. Oh well...
So, he enjoyed playing and looking at the ducks and swans at the entrance of Jurong Bird Park best.
At Omnimax Theatre. Kimi although enjoyed the show, he almost fell asleep towards the end cos we had allowed him to skip his nap. :(
In the end, he fell asleep on the way home and we ate at the field at Punggol while enjoying the cool breeze and many kites!

After Church on Sunday,we went home as we wanted to bring Kimi for a nice dinner and he really needs his nap. Skipping it can sometimes be like a walking time bomb - sometimes he will be ok while most times he will be whiny and grouchy and unco-operative.

Once Kimi slept, I quickly baked and then iced the cake. By time I had finished, it was 5.45pm and Kimi didn't want to go out, preferring to stay in.

So we headed to Chomp Chomp and bought lots of yummy food and stuff ourselves silly! It was so fun!! After dinner, our neighbour Wayne came to give Kimi a pressie and they had lots of fun catching up and playing, er, I mean fighting together. Haha! Nah, they still played together lah..
Kimi's request for an elephant-pretending-to-be-pirate cake.
Kimi's favourite - candle blowing!
Papa, Kimi and Wayne
Ha! This time I finally remembered to take a pix of the cut cake

Wow... after so many days of non-stop baking and celebations, I was becoming rather weary. Today (Mon) we will be doing a mini celebration in Kimi's school and he could choose what he wished to wear and of course he chose ELEPHANT and his favourite camouflage pants.
Pressies for his little friends
Decided to make simple mini raisin cupcakes with a dollop of cream cheese frosting with an animal theme. Didn't have the time and energy to churn out fondant animals so I just made these animal picks using bento barans.
Kimi always looks forward to candle blowing
Teacher asking Kimi to make a wish before blowing his candle - aiyo, see how cute he is with his eyes closed? :)
Group photo before we leave
After a weekend of celebrating and fun, our wish for Kimi is,

"Darling, may you always be happy and healthy. To put God first and always look to God for all your needs. May the Good Lord always hold your hands, leading and showing you the way and giving you the wisdom to live in accordance to His Words. Papa and Mama will always stay by your side and give you all the support and love in whatever you do. Happy Birthday Darling!"


Cuisine Paradise said...

oh my!!!! tona, your pirate cuppies are great!!! Hw i wish i can make those cute and impressive fondant. Kimmi is so blessed to have such a talented and caring mummy who plan all these wonderful bday celebrations for him.... :) May the Lord bless him with all the wisdom and health.

Rachel said...

Happy belated birthday Kimi! How fantastic, double celebrations with wonderful cakes + cupcakes made by mom. Tona, the bakes looks fabulous, u are really very creative :)

Mommy Mash said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kimi!!!

wow!!! loved your bakes!!!

tona-mama said...

Ellena - Tks for all the well wishes! Hey, u baked beta n nicer cuppies and stuff than me!!! :)

Rachel - Tks for well wishes! No lah, I not so creative... I saw tis design in 1 cupcake site but I cant find the link now so I cant put it up. :(

Mash - Tks!!

LZmommy said...

Hi, 1st time visiting your blog and realised you prepare bento too :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Kimi and happy bento-ing :)

tona-mama said...

LZmommy- Tks for visiting us and the birthday greetings !! :)

Actually I occasionally read your blog too!!!! But as always am a silent reader lah :) So glad we meet at my blog and really apologies for not saying hi!

Temporary stop bent now. My hands are so itchy!! Wuhaha!

Faeriekim said...

I love the elephant pretending to be a pirate cake! Wonderfully oozing momma's love :D


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