Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scoot scoot scoot and away!

Every since we gotten Kimi his scoot for Xmas, he's been loving it and wants to use it everyday! We love this make and have been eyeing it for almost a year. We were so blessed to see it on sale at Taka for S$125 and grabbed it.

It's really a safer and smoother ride with 2 wheels in front and anchored low. Kimi's old scoot also had 2 wheels but the built, etc was really crap and we felt it was more dangerous than safe.

Get a Micro if you want to start your kids on scoots... Er, I don't work for them ok? Just wanted to share a good buy. :)

We have 1 confident scooter now who wants to move on to skate boards!! Faint! Now, Kimi is using the scoot as a skate board, balancing on the side... Goodness!

This was taken on 2 Jan 2010.



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