Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kimi Speaks

I'm so upset that I have TONS of back-dated posts to do! Not that I was procrastinating, I was really just too tired after a long day to blog. I really missed blogging and yes, I will not stop and don't intend to do so for the moment.

Well, I will still post my back dated posts as they are important to me, to us even if it's old news for my readers and/or they may not be keen. I need to document (what's left that I can remember!) so that Kimi can read them when he's older.


Normally hb will prep Kimi and tell him he's going to work so that Kimi will not whine esp if he wakes and realises Papa has left for work.

Papa : Kimi, Papa will be going to work later.
Kimi : No, I will make a lot of money so you don't need to go to work. You and mama can stay at home.

Then, 30mins later, during shower, Kimi wanted to sit on his throne. After some time, I hurried him.
Me : Kimi, have you finished? Hurry up. It's very late already, Papa needs to go to work (he ONLY wanted Papa to wash his behind after his biz).

Kimi : I want to be late, I don't want hurry up. So Papa can be late and then he don't need to go to work already.
(Then he started smiling cheekily)

We were watching an advertisement that has Fann and Chris having dinner and Chris whipped out a diamond ring.

Kimi : Mama, next time I make alot of money and buy a diamond for you!
Me : ok, thank you!
(we had only told him that a diamond is very expensive the night before, nothing else!)

Finally after so many months and now that Kimi is more 'articulate' he told us the reason why he didn't want to go to school...

We saw Kimi's school bus and he quickly exclaimed that it was his school.

Kimi : Mama, the school, Kids.. Kids... where Teacher CT, what's the name?
Me : Oh, it's Kids Kingdom. What is the name of your school now?
Kimi : (shouting) DS!
Me : Kimi, do you like to go to school?
Kimi : YES!
Me : How about KK?
Kimi : No.
Me : Why not?
Kimi : Cos it's so boring!
Hmm, is that really the reason? Sometimes I can't really trust what he says cos Kimi has an over-imaginative mind.

After school one day ...

Me : Kimi do you like your teachers? Whom do you like beta? Mrs R or Z laoshi?
Kimi : Mrs R!
Me : How abt Z laoshi?
Kimi : No, I don't like her. She is fierce like a Tiger! (then he gave me a roar and used his hand to imitate a paw-swing)

One morning after Kimi climbed into our bed and plonked between us.

Kimi : Papa, I want to kiss you. (he then planted a kiss on papa's forehead) Kiss your forehead.
Papa : Thank you.
Kimi : Papa, where is my three-head?
Hb & Me : LOL!!!



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