Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name Calling

Kimi has MANY way of calling/addressing us. And it's all dependent on his moods. I know Estelle has special name for her daddy so 'name-calling' I know is not uncommon! Haha! Here are what he calls us.

For me:

During his serious, needy ways, he will call me MAMA. But when he is playful or did something naughty, he will call me MUMMY. And when he feels cheeky &/or grown up, he will call me MOM.

As for hb, Kimi will call him PAPA. Playful time Kimi calls his PAPPY. (pronounced as puppy as in Spanish for Papa).

Rather creative for a 2+ year old (he started last year) don't you think? Keke! What and how do your child address you? :)



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