Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seashells by the Beach

Kimi enjoys going to the beach and he has been bugging us ever since he started Pre-Nursery as his kindy is just a short distance away.

I had some ideas for craft so thought why not bring the little one for short walk before dinner? I told him we needed to pick shells and some sand...

It was a short walk but we had a wonderful time! The great thing about outdoors is that you get to learn as you have some fun too! Kimi picked and touched dead crabs (yikes!), saw crab holes, picked different kind of shells. It was all touchy-feely!
See how eager Kimi is? He brought his trusty bucket and a small friend, Ducky for company. :) Finally, at the beach! Look at his face! Beaming!
When I was growing up, I lived next to the sea and I could find loads of nice shells easily on the beach. It was rather sad that we walked the whole stretch to find only few shells. Clearly, pollution has rid alot of sealife. :( Here, Kimi found his first shell and he was esctactic.
Kimi, not giving up.... still looking for more shells The sea was nice and blue and I had wanted the 2 boys to take a pix. But Kimi was not co-operative as usual. See the little ducky by his side? He said he needed to put ducky nicely so it can take a pix too.
Finally managed to coax him to wave 'hi' albeit still not looking in the camera and very unwillingly...
See? When I asked him to show me what he picked? He pushed the bucket in my face, refusing to look in the cam. What's with taking pix that he dislikes so much? I pray that this stage will pass soon... it's been like that since he was 13 months!!
Some of the shells we picked



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