Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY Day 1

I was rather upset this year cos hb had to work from Day1 to Day4. It is really nice to have him around during such a large festival. But well, we cope and make do.

Before sending hb to work, we stopped for a quick visit to my mom's in the morning and Kimi was already up to his tricks! Hehe!
Kimi was so cute, he kept "Gong-xi-ing" everyone and anyone he saw. That made many of our neighbours amused or rather, happy to be greeted with such early in the morning? I would! :)
Upon reaching mom's place, suddenly he said he was doing the lion dance!
Then he decided to act cute and posed with the Lion Dance paper bag of oranges
Luckily I managed to grab him for a pix. When will Kimi look in the camera and pose? :(
As we were leaving, it was so windy and Kimi loves it when it gets breezy. Then he started to run, maybe to catch the wind? and he ran, and ran and ran...
Even when we wanted to leave, he still ran and laughed. We didn't want to spoil his fun but hb was pressed for time. So I had to spin a story...I love the intensity in his eyes as he concentrates (sometimes) when I tell/explain something to him.



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