Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pineapple Tarts - Golden Nuggets

I made these 2 days ago, just a small batch for family cos as you would have already known, my oven is on holiday in some sunny place, spa-ing out! :) Charmaine has been so sweet to lend me her table-top oven so I can bake a little! That's what I call true friends!! Cos she uses her oven rather frequently, baking yummy salmon and cod for Julian. And she was willing to let me use it and Ju has to go without his salmon for a few days. Thanks Char! :) Much appreciated!

I prefer making the closed pineapple tarts cos I feel they are easier and faster. Also, since my mom makes the open ones, why trouble right? Hee hee...

Anyone wants to order? Place yours next year!! :)



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