Friday, February 05, 2010

Under The Sea

Remember our trip to the beach to collect shells and sand? Here's Kimi's homework from SM.

We had to paint the seahorse. So, instead of just colouring it, I wanted Kimi to use more of his fine motor skills as well as touch and feel a variety of texture for this craft. This craft was done over a few days. :)

The ideas for the overall craft/materials are from me but it was still very much child-directed. For example, Kimi would choose the colour of the pearl paper while I cut it and he pasted it himself according to the shape(s).

Then when I suggested using bubble wrap to stamp for the seaweed, he surprised me by saying he wanted to use his fingers to paint the seaweed instead!

Kimi also said he wanted to stamp 1 part of the seahorse which he did. I gave him a few material choices and he decided which he prefered for the different seahorse sections. Lastly, he chose and arranged the shells on the seabed himself and even gave the craft a name - "Under The Sea".

I was impressed at how much he had progressed since we last did some craft and am encouraged to do more challenging ones with him. I enjoy doing crafts like this where we have an exchange of ideas - far more interesting than just me inputting. :)

As usual he enjoyed the sand art best and even took some sand and threw at me!! AIYO!!!! That's why I always PREFERRED to do sand art at the playground downstairs! But thought this was a small section .... welll... :)

The "naked' seahorse

First, Kimi painted the whole piece in a light wash of blue for the sea
Here, it's done!
Kimi concentrating on pouring the sand we took from the beach to spread it all over. I drew a dividing line for the seabed and used double side tape to cover it all over. Then I remove and let Kimi pour the sand over.
Kimi transferring the extra sand to the tray
Kimi showing me his favourite shell!
Tada! Our completed craft. I only took some pix of the process cos I had forgotten to take.. heehee! See the beautiful seaweed and palm print? All Kimi's idea! He also said he wanted the seahorse to have a blue face - ok, up to you darling. The yellow bits at the bottom are crepe paper which I made him tear and roll. To strenghthen the fine motor.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow... we love this... Rey was very excited about this Art piece. He also love to go to the beach and collect Seashell... so I guess this will be a "Prefect" art work to do with him... THanks for your great idea sister... :p

Zonnah said...

It's beautiful!


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