Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Day 4

This year we didn't do very much visiting - going to only the place we HAD to go. I had forgotten to bring my camera so no pix for Day 2 where we go to KJ Gu-gu's (hb's uncle) house for the long awaited dinner and a nice cosy Tunch Gathering at Aquamarine with my family.

Day 3, myself and Kimi rested a bit in the early part of the day before heading to my mom's for dinner and a game of sparklers with the girls. They had so much fun with just a pack of sparklers!

Hb came back very early in the morning of CNY Day4 and I decided to make him a nice dinner. But I couldn't get any nice prawns, despite going to 4 places so I gave up and decided to do it the next day.
Kimi said he wanted to look fierece in this pix ... ?? (faint)
Our 1st CNY 'feast' for the year! Steamed Rabbit Fish (CNY fish), Long boiled chicken soup with pacific clams, mushrooms, dried scallop and dried abalone slices (YUMMY!!! Everyone's favourite) and broccoli with yellow capsicum (supposed to be with scallop too but totally forgot to de-frost!)



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