Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playdates Again!

We had so much fun the last time, Serene invited us for yet another mini CNY gathering.  As usual, a little potluck while Serene prepared fried rice (so yummy!) and nuggets for the kids.  Cat made blueberry M&Ms cupcake that were divine and I cooked okonomiyaki with the potluck ingredients.

Although it was a short meet, Kimi told me as we were leaving Serene's place that he had good fun.  :) He even shouted 'bye' to Shanice and said thank you and that he had good fun.  But, she was still upset with him cos they had some fights earlier. :( 

Kimi was pretending to be a dinosaur and boys being boys are really just rough and tough.  He pounced on her, she lost balance and knock her head.  So sorry Shanice! Hope you are not upset with Kimi anymore. :)  We look forward to more playdates at Serene's place. (*wink, wink Serene*)

Thank you very much Serene for your hospitality again! :)
Look at the spread!
Tristan just loves the nuggets!  He didn't even bat an eyelid when I kept urging him to look/smile at the cam! So cute! Handsome boy!
This got to be the cutest!! Look at the kids' pretend play!  Kimi is a doctor while Estelle pretended to be sick.  See, she even shut her eyes!!  These 2 can really 'act'.
Then Shanice joined in and pretended to be the nurse who took temperature! How cute these little ones!!



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