Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nature Feeds

I have to admit, I am a TV addict. And TV helps me to destress every night whenever I get the opportunity.

I've just finished watching the last episode of Amazon with Bruce Perry. I love both series by Bruce Perry, Amazon and Tribe. Just so because he is so down-to-earth? (pun not intended) This guy can fit in to any, and I mean any environment.

In the series Amazon, he travels 8 months down the Amazon to live and learn about the people who lived along this river. He befriends the tribes, learnt their ways and ultimately becoming like one of them and being accepted as 1 of the tribal folks. Not an easy feat for a Caucasian.

His honest, humble almost always makes him win over even the 'most hostile' of tribes. Amazon really shows us how important the forest is to these tribal folks. To them, it is a living forest that provides ALL their needs. And how they will fight to protect what is left from unscrupulous industrialist, loggers and large mining companies.

The ironic and sad thing is that many of these large corporations do not keep to their agreement of not venturing into the protected areas of the Rainforests, etc.

I enjoy watching and learning about their ways of life but can't help feeling sad how their life is eroding away like the forest. In some parts, it has gotten so bad that they can't even drink from their life source rivers anymore for fear of toxins that will kill them! That also means no fish and river foods.

It has been said that the Rainforests supports a large part of the environment and the Eco-System. By slowing killing the forest, we are in dangers of killing ourselves too.

If you have some time, do catch some episodes. It is quite an eye-opener. :)



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