Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These days whenever Kimi made something which he feels he is proud of, he would ask me to take a pix of it. How cute? He surprised us with this latest creation on the morning of CNY Day1.
Posing with his 'elephant' which he modified from the 'reindeer'
Kimi said this was a 'reindeer'. It is a perfect and beautiful 'reindeer' in my eyes...
Then after I took the pix, he scrambled to the floor and in a minute, asked me to take another cos this was an elephant. :)

The one below was made last year on 13/12/2009. Kimi told me that this was the buggy that 'vacuums' up the leaves that we saw in the park recently.

Here's 2 more past creations which I have only just updated. (*guilty*)

1) Elephants & Trucks

2) Submarine



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