Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Skates & Diego

After Serene's place, we headed to Vivo as I wanted to get the skates and bike that was on sale for Kimi and also to pick up some dinner.

Couldn't get the bike as it was out of stock so just got the Fisher Price My First Skates and Go Diego Go Rainforest Rescue Mega Bloks for Kimi.  He was soooo happy!!

At this point of time, Diego is Kimi's favourite personality. Everything he does, he will ask whether Diego likes or does that too.  He said he wants to be like Diego and HE is Diego.  He wants to go South America and meet Diego and be an animal rescuer like him.  He wants to go to the Amazon River and rescue the biggest snake in the world, the Anaconda that is in trouble there.  He even said he wanted to learn Spanish so he can speak to Diego.

Somedays, he will suddenly jolt up and said, "There's an animal in trouble, I need to save him!"  Then he will run to pick up his mini laptop and open up to check (just like Diego) who is in trouble.  How cute!

So for now, I'm trying to get my hands on all things Diego. Since Diego also goes skating, Kimi, too wanted a pair of skates.  I can't wait to let him try the skates tomorrow!


jjloo said...

Where do you get the skates and how much is it? I am thinking of getting one pair for my girl too.


tona-mama said...

Hi jjloo,

I bought it from Toys'r'us at Vivo. There's a v cute n sweet one for girls!! Its the Barbie version. I paid $39.90.

Hey, can't access your blog leh..:) Keke!


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