Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Mummy Who Dreamed ...

It's the week of celebration at Esplanade specially for children being Children's Day on 1st of October.

I made plans to spend the whole day with Kimi there, hoping to soak up some arty airs. Besides 1 paid performance, "The Leaf Who Dreamed" plus other stories with Tick, Tack and Tock". There were free performances and story telling throughout the day! Isn't that great?

For my standards, I felt that Kimi did wonderfully, sitting and listening earnestly the first 20 mins - in fact even better than some other older kids there. Actually, kids under 2 are not allowed in but, if you purchase tickets then it's ok (???).

Well, this 'trial' has given me confidence to bring Kimi for more productions, etc. So, I've been looking out for more suitable performances.

Due to Kimi's nap time between 12.30 to 3pm, we could only cover the story telling from 3pm onwards. I would have loved to have him sit through the Kid's Chinese Instrument performance. Pity, it was at 2.15pm. Well, next time!

Aunty Pat joined us after his nap and we had dinner at the Bay. It was really a very tiring day (for me) but it was one of the best fun filled days for us both! I wished everyday was such fun and bliss!
The lovely display (Pix courtesy of Serene)
Kimi with the cast - see how difficult to get him to smile at the camera these days?
But, Kimi was definitely fasinated by the Dragon. It's a sneak prelude to the show in Jan 09. And, yes! We have decided to go too cos it's all about animals and Kimi is crazy about them!
Kimi stole the Tiger Balloon ....
The 2 cuties after the show. Kimi was so fascinated by the puppets hanging above!
Finally, a frontal shot and smiling too! Some days I DO get a little lucky!
Wow! This is really my special day! Kimi was so keen to pat the dog.. just like how he pats (slaps) Enzo.
The cast of the story-telling performance - "The Lion And The Mouse"
Kimi is so captivated with the story-telling
Aunty Pat giving Kimi a reassuring pat when it got a little loud...
Up for some run time at the roof top. I love this pix! My 3rd pix of the day with a smiling Kimi. And look at the lovely blooms!
Another flower to add to Kimi's knowledge list - Frangipanni. Any idea why Kimi looked so serious? He heard some band sounds and was immediately captured! After this he ran towards the sounds, dancing, shaking and clapping! Haha! The free waterfront band performance was doing a rehearsal.


Why Not said...

Didn't know you were there at the Esplanade on Children's day too! We could have said hi and let the kids get to know each other! :-) The story telling was fun, wasn't it? :-)

tona-mama said...

Hey!! U were there too?? Which story telling did u n Jamie attended? I din see anyone tt resembled u or Jamie else I wld have said hello. Too bad! Next time ya? U've got my mobile right? sms me next time? keke!

Why Not said...

We only managed to see the Lion and Mouse story. Even took photos with them. haha.. We videoed the song part, if you want to show Kimi the video again just go to my Youtube on my blog. Jamie still loves watching it today... Yes yes, next time if I'm going to some kids' stuffs events will kaypo you and see if you're going too. hehe..

tona-mama said...

Oi!!! Really?? I oso took pix with the cast!!! Why din see you?? I din post pix cos Kimi jus 'koala-ed' me! haha! He refused to even show his face! Everytime i turn to cam or cast, he wil turn the other way! Faint! Ok, next time you 'jio' me when u got good stuff k? Leave me ur hp at my email too so I can 'jio' you too! :)


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