Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Letter A

I confess - I am so guilty. I've been tired, busy, think it's more like lazy of late that I haven't been really spending time 'teaching' Kimi. I endeavour to do better from henceforth (I hope and try! )

Really, I SALUTE those moms who do homeschool. Really, it is no piece of cake. You would never have thought how much time or effort has been put in to plan what and how you want to do. Then it's preparing the materials. And Kimi is only 20 months? I can't imagine the time spent for school going kids! These moms are really great!

When you decide to homeschool your kids, it's not about saving money, etc. It's really the love and commitment that is involved and it just shows how much a mother is willing to sacrifice and do this so that her child gets the best out of life.

Sadly, I don't have such strength or tenacity. Prefering to leave it to the 'experts' we call schools (not much an expert too these days - look at the system and sorry to say, some of its teachers!). But for now, I can still manage and I hope to let Kimi experience as much as he can indoor and out.

Although Kimi can recognise the capital and lower cap A and makes its phonics sound. I'd still like to reinforce this letter to him, showing him different things that starts with A. And thereafter, I will paste up the printed names of things we have learnt throughout the house.

I've also decided to do a lapbook (more like a journal) to record and keep all things related to the chosen subject matter. So that, Kimi can still look at them say 6 months from now? I'll share some pix here the next time.

After subject proper, I let him do some vegetable painting but he seemed to prefer using his fingers. It's ok, just do what makes you happy alright Kimi?
Kimi feeling and smelling the real asparagus - activating all the senses for learning fun
Then it was crunch and tearing time with the foil
No asparagus for me today mom. I want to use my fingers ...
and, maybe my hands too!
Teeheehee! Look at my hands mom! As scary as can be!



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