Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art Class - Project #4 & 5

This is the finished piece of the canvas parrot that Kimi did last week which I had forgotten to post.  Besides the last project's Elephant.. this got to be by far my favourite.  Oh oh, hope I won't keep saying that week after week?  I like it cos it is on canvas and the colours are just awesome.  Love the blends!

As promised, Teacher Maria started with Dinosaur theme this week.  Actually, Kimi wanted a 3D papier-mache but they did a 2D drawing instead.  Before lesson, Teacher Maria showed them some books first before giving them some pieces of scrunched up paper/newspaper, toilet rolls and got the kids to 'assemble' the dino before sketching.

I thought that is such a clever way!  There were many different pieces of shapes and sizes for the kids to choose - necks, body, legs, etc.  The kids have to use a little thinking to see which goes where.  Example, there are few sizes of ovals which they have to decide which is for the head and which is for the body. 

Teacher Maria has also started a sketch book for the kids to log their work.  Below is Kimi's sketch of the dinosaur before he transferred to the art paper.
I love how Kimi confidently draws the tail at the exact placing where a tail should be
Is dino smiling yet?
Instead of drawing like everyone else, a side profile dino, Kimi said he wanted his dino to turn and look at him and smile. 

Teacher Maria said she loves Kimi's bold and creative style.  Kimi also said that dinos must be VERY big so he wanted to fill his paper with the dino. :)


Anonymous said...

kimi is so talented! have a great weekend ahead =)

Anonymous said...

oh kimi is so talented! have a great weekend ahead. =)

Jayne said...

Kimi is amazing!! I can't draw that myself! haha..

tona-mama said...

Jayne - tks! Actually not tt difficult cos it's all made up of different sizes of ovals!

Try it w your kids n get them to blend the colours. Tis whole pix done by finger painting :)

Have fun!


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