Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Fire-ful and Hort Day!

We did so much today!  After Art, we went to visit the Seng Kang Firestation with Karen and Kylie but I had totally forgotten that it starts from 9-11am.  We were there close to 11am and they were just finishing a tour for a group of childcare kids.

Although it was supposed to be closed at 11, they were very kind and allowed the kids to play with the fire hose, put out a fire and roam about and photo-taking.  Thank God for His favour!  Else, the kids would have been very disappointed.  This is our 2nd visit to a Fire Station and we intend to do another round at Central Fire Station the next time! :)
Kimi asked to take pix with this fireman, Kylie and Karen
Kimi's favourite!
After taking pix in the back cabin, Kimi boldly asked the fireman if he could sit in the front cabin instead.  See how happy he is?
Another one of Kimi's favourite vehicle - the bike

After the firestation visit, we went for lunch at a nearby mall before going home to shower and get ready to pick Charmaine for a next round of playdate.  This time, to Hort Park.  Kimi made some new friends.  I hope we can get together again so the kids can play together again! 

As Kimi did not nap, we didn't spend too much time there.  But, definitely, we will be back!
Playground galore!
Good climbing!
Climbing with Ju
Charmaine's friend's daughter, Kaylene, she's so sweet ya?   Kimi requested to take a pix with her! Cheeky boy!



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