Friday, July 16, 2010

Night Festival @ Museum

Singapore is getting more exciting!  The Singapore Museum organised a Night Festival for 2 nights with activities and shows for young and old.  As hb had to work on Saturday, we decided to go on Fri after Kimi's SM class.

We were keen on the shadow and string puppet show, The Red Tree performed by Thai puppeteers.  Overall, I would say that the storyline can be a little overwhelming for the young ones, however, the interesting play of lights, shadows and puppets and the ever-changing scenes made the show enjoyable.

The story is adapted from award winning Shaun Tan’s famous picture book. It tells of the journey of a girl who seems impassionate to this world as she passes helplessly through many dark moments, yet ultimately found what made her world brighter again. - National Museum, Singapore
The little puppet girl. She is very small, about 40-50cm. Pity, we did not get to take pix with it or touch it.

Initailly I tried to reason and think about the plot and all.  But, I felt rather disconnected and found it incredulous.  In the end, I'd reckon to best enjoy the show was to just take in the 'sights'.  That is, to just relish in the play of lights, props and scenes.  To think too much about what the plot is about or what or where the protagonist is going really kills the joy of watching.

But, most importantly, Kimi loved the show.  He quickly related the story to hb when it ended.  Hb couldn't join us as he could not find any parking and was late.

When we came home, Kimi insisted on setting up a mini stage/screen using my poster bed curtains and his soft toys.  I made some funny characters as 'shadow puppets' with my hands to tease him.  He had lots of fun pretend playing before bed.



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