Saturday, July 24, 2010

Art Class - Project #5

Today marks the end of Project #5 and they will start another new theme next week. 

After reading a short Dinosaur story to the kids, Teacher Maria asked them what they would like to add in the background.  Kimi refused and only added some soil and stone on the ground and a dark cloud.  As there weren't as black.grey paint around, Kimi just took some green and drew.  He told Teacher Maria that dark clouds were coming

Then, when he saw his classmate painted polka dots on her dino, both Kimi and the other boy wanted to do the same!  Teacher continued to reiterate on what is background, foregound, etc.


Ing said...

What a beautiful painting!

tona-mama said...

Ing - Tks! :)

Jolie GalGal said...


Whoa, I never know a kid can draw so well. Your kid is really talented.

I am also thinking of signing my 3 yr old gal for art class.

Can you pass me the contact of Teacher Maria.

Thanks a lot.

tona-mama said...

Jolie GalGal - Hi, tks for visiting! :)

No lah, Kimi is not an artist. Just that Teacher Maria teaches well. And you will be amazed how simple forms are drawn and put tog to get the final pix. :) It a 'wholistic' approach Teacher Maria uses.

U may want to drop me a mail for the no. :)


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