Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bento #56 - Wooly Bear

Broccoli, cherry tomatoes, corn, panfried salmon, bear onigiri with pork floss, turkey ham & nori facial details

I was inspired by Karen, another bento-mummy for her floss covered bear ongiri.  And I was also keen to introduce pork floss to Kimi.  I tried it before but he simply disliked it.  Armed with a small pack which I had bought last week, I made some sammies the other day and so far, he seems to like it! Yay!! Next, I'll intro the fish floss cos, frankly, I'd prefer that, my personal favourite! Yummy! Fish floss sammies are so yummy!!

It was a little hard to mould as the rice were not wet/starchy enough.  Although I had already wet the mould before putting in the hot rice, it was still rather grainy.  And I never expected that the floss would take some effort to stick on!  Really not easy.  Perhaps more practice as this is my first 'coated' onigiri.

I served the bento with a bowl of Beetroot & Corn Soup but this time I added some Bitter & Sweet Almonds.  He lapped everything up leaving behind 1/3 of the rice and 1 cherry tomato.  That's fine cos I've given him a large piece of salmon. 

After dinner I gave him a medley of mango, fragrant pear, blueberries & longan.

By the way, I submitted this entry to "What's for Lunch at our House" where Shannon showcases what other bento-mummies are doing.  Rather interesting, click on here to see what other creations.


Ing said...

Your bentos always look so yummy! it's good that your boy eats most of the things you prepared for him. My elder boy is a very fussy eater. After reading your blog, I tried making a bento for him, but he's still rather picky and didn't want to try some of the food.

Angeleyes said...

Toma, this bento is so lovely!!!!
You are getting better you know???!!!
I'm sure Kimi is a very happy customer now!

tona-mama said...

Ing - Tks Ing!

Actually Kimi is VERY fussy! One of the worst I've seen hence I have to resort to all 'underhand' methods to get him to eat! Lol!

Don't despair, kids takes a while to get used to it. I believe many bento-mummies go thru this, which is why we bento. Usually, they would refuse everything when we first start. Perservere and you will get result. :)

Sonoma Bento said...

I love the pork floss covered bear! Tell me, where do you find pork and fish floss? This is the second time I have seen it mentioned and I want to give it a try. My stepdaughter is a pretty adventurous eater, and I am sure she would want to try some with me!

Shannon said...

This is just darling! The bear is too sweet. What is pork/fish floss? Like shredded coconut?

Thanks for linking up this week! :o) So glad you joined.

Susan Yuen said...

The bear is so cute! :)

tona-mama said...

Sonoma Bento - Tks v much! :)

Pork/fish/chicken floss is like dried meat and they will process it till it is fluffy like cotton wool? It feels a little like bonito flakes, except it is more dense.

These days there are even crispy floss and with added seaweed too. Basically, it has a salty, sweet taste. Most Asians eat tis on its own or in porridge.

I think you can try Chinatown.

Look at this link :


Shannon - Tks for setting up the page, I think it is such a great idea!!!

Susan - Tks!! I love your latest owl too!!! I want to make that!! :)

Sonoma Bento said...

Tona-mama, thanks for the description of floss. I will see if I can find some in our asian market. :-)

Domesticgoddess said...

Aww.. too cute! But how did you close this bento?

wAs it made to be served at home?

tona-mama said...

Domesticgoddess - Tks! I did not close it.. made for home. If bringing it out, I will have to cut the salmon in half and squeeze in. The bear and the others are within the 'height limits' so still ok. :)


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