Monday, July 05, 2010

Flight of Colours

Today being Youth Day and a holiday for Kimi, he asked me to bring him to Jurong Bird Park and I roped in my neighbour, Karen and her sweet gal, Kylie with us.
Kimi wants to take a pix with every cow he meets.. remember at Farmart too?
Not forgetting his adored swans.. See, grabbing tightly onto his guinea pig, Brownie
At the entrance
Feeding at Lorry Loft - what a brave boy!
Then, Kimi said he wanted the bird to sit on his cup as he saw a lady doing that. This bird was rather impatient and greedy. So, Kimi was a bit apprehensive. Anyway, the bird pecked at Kimi's thumb and knocked off some skin! But Kimi still held onto the cup bravely as he didn't want to upset the cup and the bird can't feed on it! If it was me, I would've have thrown the cup and screamed!! In the end, I had to shoo the bird away and it wanted to peck me too! Rather aggresive bird!
But, Kimi regained his confidence and wanted to try his hand on these birds a little further down the bridge. I was so proud of his bravery and perservering spirit!
The birds decided to hold the cup themselves, haha!
At the entrace of the Penguins exhibit
The kids decided to act cute
Kimi grabbing his favourite macaw



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