Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bento #51 - Aliens & A Mouse

Sweet corn, wiener shaped mouse, blueberry skewer, edamame skewer, pear cut in space-ship shape and nutella pandan bread sandwich cut with tulip cutter and decorated with cheese and nori

Another snack box for church and today's theme is aliens!  A little mouse went up the moon and met 3 alien friends and 2 more cute-faces aliens.  Actually Kimi liked the aliens from Toy Story but I had no time to re-create that so this pacman-like alien will suffice. :)


Lia Chen said...

Green aliens and the little mouse are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooh.. The mousy wiener is sooo cute! Love your idea to make alien using the tulip cutter. Will keep thus in mind! Cheers/Karen

tona-mama said...

Tks ladies!! :)


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