Sunday, July 18, 2010

SAM - Art Garden, Children's Season

I've been wanting to bring Kimi to this exhibition cos I heard so many good things about it but never had the opportunity.  Finally, I told myself, I had to get there by hook or by crook.  And, yes, we did, on the last day of the exhibition, after church. :)

Overall, it is good as the many reviews had said.  We spent a nice afternoon there.  So glad we managed to catch 1 free screening of ABC Soup.  This is so cute and hilarious!  It showcases a few Weimaraners posing as humans using all the alphabets to make a yummy soup. And along the way, the kids are introduced to all the alphabets and the words that starts with the corresponding alphabets.  We loved the show and Kimi laughed so hard too!  Such a pity, we couldn't catch the rest of the screenings.  There's an exceprt here .
The cute and oh-so obedient dogs :)
Hop, hop, hop, hop like a rabbit!
Kimi asking me to take a pix of the 'castle' he has built with the few bean bags he could get his hands on.  Love his ingenuity to work with how little he has. :)
The Floribots made from origami and grows and blossoms into a flower
The Enchanted Forest - One of Kimi's favourite as there were all sorts of animals in it!
Besides the elephant, Kimi also loved tigers
Kimi doing some colouring after some urging from me
He wanted to colour it blue and black - must be he remembered how the Blue Morpho Butterfly looked like.  Alot of impatience in this piece of work I would say.  Totally ignored the boundaries. :(
Kimi trying to cut out the shape of the butterfly
In the end, we had a good laugh as the butterfly got butchered literally.  Kimi looked at me and we both burst out laughing!  I think he knew that the poor butterfly had quite a fair bit of 'wings-trimming! lol!
The Funky Forest - Kimi liked this too as it was very interactive.  See how the river diverts its flow when Kimi stood in front of it?
 And trees can grow according to your movements.  Cute!



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