Sunday, March 02, 2008

Comfort Food

Some people find solace in chocolates while others a bowl of hot soup. For me, food in itself is a comfort and so is watching tv, looking at Kimi sleeping, the list goes on. But, I really like simple fares so I can savour the natural taste of the food with minimal intervention from heavy spices &/or sauces, etc. Just a dash of salt & pepper is good.

It's been a tiring day today cos I've been up since 6.30am and have been rushing about and on my feet till lunch time. Sundays are stress days for me, yet, one of my more enjoyable days. This is because Kimi has Kindermusik at 12 noon so when hb is not in town, it is rush, rush for me.

But, I enjoy the session with Kimi and also the little lunch get-together with the other forum mummies after class. It's nice to have some decent adult company and gossips!

After a hard days's work (keke, like real!), made myself a large slab of pan-grilled salmon and boiled corn for dinner with the Buddha's Brew Herb Blend (had to make good use of it!) - ahhh.. this is the life!



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