Friday, March 14, 2008

Hearty Grainy Soup

Saw this interesting Vegi Mix at MarketPlace (Tanglin Mall) last week, so decided to get it. I made it for dinner today.

The instructions say add 1 portion of mix to 4 portions of soup stock and boil for an hour. I added Xiao Bai Cai, Meatballs and straw mushrooms and dump it in the slow cooker and let it boil (2+ hours). After my chores, my hearty soup was cooked and ready, easy peasy! Great for a cold, wet night.

I did not over-boil so that it would not be overly mushy. It's alright if you like a thick, mushy soup. :)

I quite like it as it has a lot of bite what with all the goodies like barley, lentils, pasta, beans, etc. But when I cooked this a few days later, the hb didn't like it.


charmaine said...

i'm a big fan of veggie,this looks yummy!cAn only get it in tanglin mall?where can i get organic miso paste?

tona-mama said...

Hi Cha, tks! I think only can get from there cos so far that's only where I saw stocks. Next time, buy for you? I got the organic miso from the organic store at Kovan. :)


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