Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tale of A Boy & His Pineapple

Today I let Kimi try some honey pineapples since he's way past 12 months. I'm restricting citrus fruits because I fear it may cause phelgm. And I'm not too hung up on Kimi not getting any Vitamin C from these fruits as they are many other foods that provide as much Vit C.

But, like all mothers, we try to expose them to as many different foods (age appropriate of course!) as possible.

Well, verdict? He loves it! I simply don't know why but Kimi loves sour things and he takes them well too.
Test, test...
What are you feeding me mummy?

Nice! But don't know to laugh or cry? How to express sour, mummy?

Funny taste but I want more!

Mummy said must learn to multi-task from small - so even eating I must not miss my tv!



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