Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cheesy Baked Potato

Right out from oven and loaded with my favourite mayo and bacon bits

How the inside looks like

This is my quickie lunch - I simply find it so indulging and 'shiok' after eating this.

  • 1 potato (boiled)
  • Ham cut into strips
  • Mozarella cheese
  • Mayonnaise (Japanese type with the baby Kewpie or any that you have/prefer)
  • Bacon bits (I like the Betty Crocker ones or you can make your own)

  1. Once potato is soft, cut a cross on the top flat part of the potato and squeeze the sides so that the flesh will pop out like a flower. But you have to do this while the potato is still hot.
  2. Place potato on a pc of foil, ensure it is large enough to cover the potato so that it is like a jacket
  3. Use a butter knife to pry open the potato, squeeze some mayo and sprinkle some cheese at bottom
  4. Stuff with the shredded ham
  5. Use foil to 'secure' potato so that the fillings do not fall out, letting it act as jacket
  6. Top with more cheese till covered
  7. Place in oven/toaster till cheese it melted and slightly brown
  8. Remove and squeeze mayo over and sprinkle bacon bits generously
  9. Sit back with iced green tea and enjoy!

  • If you wish, you can wrap potato in foil and bake it in oven till soft then repeat all the stuffing steps.
  • But, this will take much longer and there is really no difference with a boiled potato stuffed with fillings then baked and one that is baked from scratch then stuffed and baked again.
  • I use the microwave to 'bake' the potato as it is much faster. Just put 1 min on high each side, test with fork. If still hard, another minute each side, test and use spaces of 10 or 20 sec for potato to soften. Do not overdo or potato will shriver up and can turn hard.
  • The trick in using a microwave is to used short timings and check doneness constantly to avoid overcooking.



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