Sunday, March 23, 2008

Swoosh swoosh!

We brought Kimi to the new playground at my mom's place. It was nice and new and were filled with kids and maids (don't parents bring their kids to the playground anymore? It's a Sunday, goodness!).

Kimi enjoyed the slides as usual but we only spent a grand 15mins there as it was really difficult for a young toddler to be competing with bigger, sturdier kids. And it was another 30-40 mins walk home.

We will go again, during the weekday, see you soon playground!

I want to slide down on my own, papa

I don't like this funny, jiggly ride

I want to walk & explore on my own, no need to hold my hands, Papa

Weee - weee!

Yay! Sliding down on my own!



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